Saturday, July 01, 2006

It's My Day!


If there's one day that has the power to get me up off the couch and back out into the public realm it's July 1st, Canada Day. 139 yeas old and still going strong. We have a decisive new government setting the country back on track after years of Liberal decadence. We're rolling back the GST tax and wooing the Francophones. We're revamping the military and cleaning the roof of the Parliament Buildings. And we've initiated a program to repopulate our vast national parks with that lovable rodent cum luxury headware accessory, the beaver.

So, what's an aging superhero to do on such an auspicious occasion? I'll call up Nelvanna and invite her over for drinks and BBQed back bacon. We'll carefully sidestep the issue of Quebec's nationhood and get down to some bi-lingual co-ed celebrations of the 49th parallel, if you know what I mean.

Better get out the sunscreen though; my super powers don't extend to UV-ray protection.

Canuck out!