Saturday, December 17, 2005

Casefile Update

A thorough investigation of the scene of former Fakiegrind headquarters came up with no bodies. We are worried about the possibility of zombie-reanimation on the part of Xister, who is still at large and in possession of Dr. Flavour's time machine.

It is believed that Xister is continuing his campaign to take over the world, despite being blinded recently in a run-in with a group of cannibal dwarves from the Negative/Neutral zone.

Flatlander, it seems, is still making postings on Fakiegrind from beyond the grave, somehow manipulating the ether-waves of the internet to leave reports about the afterlife for his readers.

The only other piece of evidence we could gather from the crime scene was a curious paperback that somehow escaped the devastation that may have occurred when one of Maskatron's plutonium fuel cells exploded:


The book contains plot summaries for some of "the Schlockiest Sci-fi in the Galaxy"--basically, a bunch of B-movies from the 1980s. It could be that this was the tome referred to as the Book of Oldness, from which Flatlander seems to have adapted many of the plots featured on his fantastical blog.


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